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More choices to structure your Chinese learning

In this newsletter, you will find out how to shape your lessons the way you want, with information about how to create your own Study Materials, and about a new blog with a twist. You will also find out how you can get some FREE nciku study materials!
 nciku online dictionary: a winning combination for Chinese learning

Add direction to your studies with nciku Study Materials

+ Varied content of all levels to guide you all the way to advanced

+ Professional, low-priced (with free intro to get you started)

+ Ready to use today on your "My Documents" page after login

 Special offer: Introduce a friend & get FREE nciku Study Materials

Simply click on “Recommend Us” to introduce a friend to our website. When this friend has completed the first lesson, both you and your friend will each get 3 free nciku Study Materials.

There are no limits to the number of friends you can introduce: you will get 3 free nciku Study Materials each time!
 New Function: Study Materials created by you!

  Create and edit your own materials to use with your teacher during the lessons.

Use this function to save sentences and vocabularies you wish to explore and practice with your teacher in future lessons, or keep it as your own online notes, for when you want to retrieve what you've learned in previous lessons.

Have other ways to use this function? Please do share with us!

We have been asked for a long time to have a blog. But we never felt right to start a blog just talking about us… our dream is to help students learning Chinese, not to talk about us…

Now we have come up with a blog with a twist and you are the first ones to hear about it: this blog will be written by Chinese teachers from all around the world, not by us. 

Even teachers who are not with ChineseTeachers.com can publish on this blog, so please mention this blog to your previous Chinese teachers. Also, anyone who wants to share their experiences about learning Chinese can post and comment on this blog, too!

We hope you've enjoyed reading this newsletter and thank you again for learning Chinese with our teachers.

The ChineseTeachers.com Team
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