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 Are all your teachers based in China?

Although they are all native Chinese speakers, they are not all based in China. Because our ultimate goal is to always have teachers online, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, that is only possible if we have teachers in different time zones. This is why we are always interested to hear from qualified Chinese teachers outside Greater China, especially those with fluency in less common world languages.
 Which teacher category should I go for?

Actually, it's best to mix and match teachers from different categories to get a more complete learning experience. If you prefer to be assessed to find out which category is most 'suitable' for you, feel free to call our Help Team for free when they are online. They will be happy to help you determine the best study plan for you.
 What are the benefits of learning with many different teachers?

By studying with a variety of teachers you’ll enrich your experience through an exposure to:
- Different teaching styles: You’ll be able to find out which style is the best fit for you.
- Different language usage: You’ll get used to different ways of talking in Chinese, different usages of vocabularies in different regions, slightly different accents between regions and even between genders.
- Professionals from different backgrounds: Different specialties and industry knowledge add different flavors to the lessons. You can learn within the business context you are most familiar with or that you most want to prepare for. 

 What can I expect from teachers in the 'Professionals' category?

Teachers in this category are still all native Mandarin Chinese speakers. They specialize in different job functions, industries and cultural experiences inside and outside the Greater China region. Most teachers in this category are business professionals with over 10 years of working experiences. This is a very unique group of teachers, whose expertise will combine the Chinese language skills you acquired with the most up-to-date business communication skills that are relevant for doing business in China.

 How can I tell if a teacher is good?

A teacher can only be good if they can meet their students’ needs. There is no one standard ‘good teacher’ as all students are different, which is why we offer an extensive ‘advanced search’ function to ensure your needs can be best matched with what our teachers offer. In addition, every student is asked to score/grade their teacher after each lesson. Each teacher’s average score is always displayed publicly and updated with each lesson he/she undertakes. So, search according to your own needs, but watchfor those teachers with great feedback and high scores from fellow students, after all, you can’t get more direct first-hand feedback than this! 

 Why don't you disclose the teachers' real names?

Protecting our teachers' privacy is very important to us and this means that we do not disclose their personal information (including their pictures and contact information). Of course, some teachers may decide to use their real names as their nickname, but this is entirely their decision. But, we do make sure the teachers are really who they say they are – with multiple checks and assessments carried out for each teacher application to verify their identity, qualification and motivation before taking them on board.