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 What kind of computer and software do I need to start taking lessons?

PC or Mac
- For PC, our site works well with Windows XP, ME, Vista, 2003, 2000, 98. 
- For Mac, our site works well with OS X v 10.1 or later (PowerPC) and OSX v 10.4.x (Intel). 

Supported browsers (with Flash 10.0.23 or later version installed):
- Firefox 1.5 or above (both Mac & PC), 
- Google Chrome (currently only on PC),
- Safari,
- IE 6 or above 

We recommend Firefox or Chrome for the best experience.

Internet connection:
- A broadband internet connection is best, with at least 512 download & 64Kbps upload speed.

And of course, you don't need any extra software like Skype, MSN or Gtalk as the lessons are conducted directly from your browser.

 I can't login with my email and password?

You can do the following with Firefox or Internet Explorer (other browsers would have similar setup): go to "tools" > "options", then in "privacy" you need to "enable cookies". Check how long you want to enable cookies for and click "OK". You should be able to login.