$12 / h
 These teachers are great for practicing daily dialogues in Chinese. You can enjoy Chinese teaching which comes with full enthusiasm and passion. These teachers are eager to improve their skills to teach Chinese, and they will try different methods, approaches, and are constantly evolving themselves as they try to move up the Categories.
 Perfect for improving your daily conversation skills, and answering common questions about vocabulary or grammar.

$18 / h
 These teachers have official qualifications in teaching Chinese as a foreign language as well as teaching experience. They will give structured and relevant advice to learners of any level.
 Perfect for answering more advanced questions including grammar questions, as well as guidance on how to prepare for Chinese exams like HSK and IB Chinese.

$24 / h
 These teachers are extremely experienced, qualified Chinese Teachers who have taught Chinese to foreign students for many years. We are constantly amazed by teachers in this category, both with their knowledge of the Chinese language, and their ability to provide highly effective Chinese lessons online.
 Perfect for student of all levels, especially suitable for total beginners and advanced students who can benefit from their outstanding experiences for any circumstances in which you’ll need to speak Chinese. 

$18 / h
 These teachers are business professionals who also have excellent teaching skills. They bring a variety of experience in dealing with inter-cultural issues in the business world and up-to-date knowledge on how the Chinese language is used in real business scenarios. Their Mandarin accents may vary because we know you may be doing business all over greater China. 
 Perfect for learners from the business community who want to speak Chinese in business situations, and to understand the business culture in Greater China.
Note: All prices are per hour in US Dollars

 Why do we have different categories?

We do not believe it is possible, or fair to students, to put all teachers in the same box.

We have selected Chinese teachers out of applicants and these amazing teachers all have different qualifications, background and strengths.

We decided to categorize our teachers to help students see these differences and decide what is best for their learning needs over time.