Name: Chang Haan
Job: Senior Manager of Access
Location: Japan
Company: Access

I've learned more than 4 languages as a third language and it's always more difficult to find time than actually learning the language itself, especially when you're done with your studies and working full time! 

In my usual language class, there were at least 5 students (usually more!) and we shared a teacher for 60 minutes. Unless I'm the teacher's pet, I'd mathematically only be able to get 10/15 minutes of attention from the teacher. This is very inefficient. With, 100% of the time I invest is JUST FOR ME. Any time I pay and invest is strictly my learning time.
I liked the fact that my teacher remembers me very well with good lesson notes; she understands what I need, how well I speak, how well I remember her class! 
I also really appreciate the team at, they are efficient and dedicated, and they helped contacting my teachers so that I could make requests in advance for exactly what I want to learn the next time!