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Job: Software Developer
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As someone who has taken hundreds of hours of Chinese classes online with several schools and teachers, I have spent a lot of time investigating the best schools online. I'm confident in saying that the service provided by is unique. The main difference with is the variety and quality of the teachers. Without needing to book in advance you can have teachers from all around the world. Using this site I've had classes with teachers from Australia, Brazil, Sweden, Canada, Taiwan, China mainland, the UK and the US.

The teachers on have a range of different backgrounds, meaning that chances are good you'll find something interesting to talk about. Many have PhDs or Master's degrees. Not many online schools can arrange classes with a PhD in Chinese literature. Many have stories to tell about how the different countries they've lived in - one teacher I spoke to had even been on a BBC radio programme discussing their life in Taiwan and subsequent move to the UK.

Another distinguishing feature is that the teachers on the site are generally very professional and patient. While it can be a bit of a struggle at first to call a stranger and start talking, the teachers are all encouraging and very tolerant of the inevitable mistakes learners make. If you don't get on well with one teacher it's not a problem, there's plenty more to choose from. Once you're used to the system it's very liberating to be able to have an impromptu class at almost any time of the day or night. Other online schools tend to be run out of China, which means that for people in Europe or America the time difference means hours available for classes are not always convenient.'s global spread is a real strength here.

All in all, I heartily recommend as a resource for learning Chinese. The prices are very reasonable: competitive with the online schools in China even though many of the teachers are based in expensive western countries, and for the quality of the teachers much cheaper than similarly qualified face-to-face tuition outside of China. What's more they're 100% flexible - you pay only for what you use. Whether you're after a two hour marathon class or have a quick ten minutes to fill, chances are you'll be able to find a teacher for your needs. As someone who's spent a lot of time studying Chinese in the UK, I know that it can be difficult to keep motivation to study when you don't have a suitable language environment. can help teach of course, but there are also few better ways for an independent learner to keep up motivation than spending time talking with a variety of interesting and well-educated teachers. If you're studying Chinese, I strongly suggest giving a go.