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We are excited to partner with ChinesePod, provider of award-winning online Mandarin lessons and learning tools.

Audio and video lessons form the core of ChinesePod; with a library of 1,300 lessons, Mandarin learners can find all the modern, useful language they need - whatever their levels and learning objectives.

Better still, here on you’ll find a carefully-selected range of ChinesePod Newbie lessons, perfect for picking-up basic Mandarin with the help of your teacher: 

ChinesePod Free Lessons

Three FREE audio lesson dialogues and supporting materials (transcripts, translations & key vocabulary). Simplified characters only. Includes both Traditional and Simplified characters.

Try these fun introductory lessons from ChinesePod, each containing ultra-useful language for everyday life. The beginner-level dialogues will have you hooked on Chinese in just a few minutes! 

ChinesePod Lesson Packs

4 lesson packs that together cover all the language you’ll need for daily life

Each pack contains 12 audio dialogues, plus supporting files (transcripts, translations & key vocabulary). Includes both Traditional and Simplified characters.

ChinesePod Pack 1 - Greeting & Small Talk

Get started with basic greetings and pleasantries in Chinese. Pack 1 also introduces language for discussing weather and food, perfect for the absolute beginner.  

ChinesePod Pack 2 - Around the City

This lesson pack focuses on transportation and shopping. Ideal for a trip to Beijing, Shanghai or Taipei, Pack 2 will equip you for getting around with confidence and bagging a bargain in Mandarin! 

ChinesePod Pack 3 - Work & People

This lesson pack focuses on work and personal relationships, suitable for both travel and business trips. 12 entertaining dialogues cover the basics on topics that include family, jobs, meetings and sightseeing.

ChinesePod Pack 4 - Travel & Recreation

Pack 4 introduces more language for discussing work and personal relationships. Learn how to describe leisure time activities, friends and vacations, as well as how to deal with lost luggage!



More about ChinesePod

As well as an unrivalled library of 1,300 audio lessons, ChinesePod also offers the following features:

Learning tools

Online vocabulary flashcards, games and review exercises, plus handwriting tools and much more; ChinesePod serves as a complete self-learning resource

iPhone/Android apps

Use ChinesePod learning tools and lessons on your smartphone. Learn more about ChinesePod apps

Collaborative study

With 250,000 ChinesePod users worldwide, our online groups and discussion boards make learning fun! Plus, our team of experts is always available to offer study support.

Flexible solutions for every learner

From Basic access ($14) to the personalized teacher-lead Executive Plan, ChinesePod offers flexible learning solutions for every type of learner. Learn more about our range of subscription options.


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