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Nciku partnering with
Partnering with
We are pleased to have partnered with nciku, the most comprehensive online Chinese-English dictionary, simply because we share the same major goal in providing the best level of services for Chinese learners. 
While we focus on online Chinese tutoring, nciku provides dictionary and self-learning services. We both believe that by combining our two services, we are creating a great complementary environment for learners to improve their Chinese.
Introducing nciku Study Materials
Discover nciku Study Materials for YOUR level (from First Timer to Advanced) and select the topics you are interested in to discuss with your teacher! Nciku Study Materials are a great supplement for your online class providing various types of content: new vocabulary, conversation, picture word lists, chéngyǔ… Try out the free material for your level and make your own opinion. Look out for them!
nciku Study Materials are only available on and include four different levels to satisfy all learners : First Timer, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each nciku Study Materials deals with a new topic, such as introducing yourself, getting to the airport, holding a meeting.
Moreover, nciku rewards diligent students! The more you buy nciku Study Materials (conveniently debited from your account balance when purchased), the cheaper they get:

First 5 nciku Study Materials From the 6th nciku Study Materials From the 16th nciku Study Materials From the 31st nciku Study Materials
$0.80 USD $0.70 USD $0.60 USD $0.50 USD

More about
nciku offers the following great features for Chinese learners:
Fast Handwriting Recognition
Responsive Q&A
Personalized Vocab Lists
Effective Memorization Tests
Handy Pinyin with Sound
Valuable Conversation Bank
Hi! Nciku Community
Use the mouse to draw Chinese characters into the search bar
Participate in discussions about anything Chinese or China related
Words searched are automatically saved in one’s personal page
Learn new words and track progress with 4 different tests
See and hear the pronunciation for all examples and conversations
Study, edit and save real-life phrases
Meet over 100,000+ Chinese native or learners like you from all over the world

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