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Thanks to all the feedback from our students and teachers over the last 3 years, we have improved and optimized our learning platform for the best possible learning experience. Below is a little tour introducing some of the functions available to you after you register.

"My Teachers" page

This is the first page you see after you login. You can easily see which teachers are available for lessons, and those that are currently in lessons.

After finding a teacher who is available, you can start a lesson with that teacher within one minute of login. Female teachers are in red and male teachers in blue.

         1) Check at a glance how many teachers are available to call
2) Refresh at anytime you want to see which teachers are available (we refresh every minute)
3) Check or change your Study Material to use for your next lesson
4) Call our Help Team when available if you have any questions, this is free
5) Bookmark or send a message to any teacher you like
6) Call any teacher directly from your browser by clicking the teacher's 'Call' button
7) Busy teachers are indicated as 'Busy'


"My Documents" page

You have access to all your Study Materials, including those prepared by your teacher after the lessons, from any computer (or mobile phone). 

         1) Check the Study Material that will be used for your next lesson
2) Create your own Study Materials to share during your lessons
3) Upload PDF documents, like your ChinesePod transcripts
     (you can also share other types of documents with your teacher)
4) See all the Study Materials prepared by your teachers just for you
5) Buy Premium Study Materials from our partner nciku
6) Buy Premium Study Materials from our partner ChinesePod
7) Import your ChinesePod lessons (if you are a student of ChinesePod) NEW
8) See useful posts from

"My Lesson Notes" page

You have access to all your lessons notes at anytime, from any computer (or mobile phone). 

         1) Search previous lesson notes from a particular teacher
2) Access any notes that you wrote during the lessons or in the feedback page
3) Read feedback from your teacher (there is a ‘New’ icon if you have not read it yet)
4) Read the instant messages you sent and received during the lesson
5) Edit the notes you made during the lesson at anytime you want
6) You can save notes as Study Materials to use in your next lesson
7) Export all notes and messages

"My Bookings" page

You can easily book your next lesson with your teacher, and change the time later if needed. 

         1) Select which teacher you want to book a lesson with
2) Select the time and lesson length
3) Check that your location for the booking is correct (used to calculate the timezone)
4) See the status of your bookings (confirmed, waiting for your teacher, or cancelled)
5) You can change or cancel any of your future lessons at anytime

Live Lesson Screen (during a lesson)

This is what you will see after you click the 'Call' button for your teacher. Our platform is tailored so you can learn Chinese efficiently with our teachers.

Chinese lesson page explanations

         1) The Study Material you selected (your teacher will also see it)
2) Easily change your Study Material during the lesson
3) Zoom function to read Chinese characters more clearly
4) Instant messages from your teacher (close any by clicking the ‘x’)
5) You can write your own notes during the lesson
6) Read your previous notes with that teacher by clicking ‘show previous notes’
7) Easily send instant messages to your teacher

This is what you see when you click the 'Change' link in the above step 2:

         You can choose Study Materials from 1) your teacher(s) 2) the ones you created 3) nciku 4) ChinesePod, or 5) our First Lesson Introduction
6) Select the Study Material you want to use and share with your teacher during the lesson
7) You can always go back to the main lesson page by clicking 'Back to Top'

Feedback Screen (after the lesson is finished)

You see this page after you end your lesson by clicking 'Stop Lesson' (and you stop paying). This is where you make a record of what you have learned and let your teacher and us know how the lesson went.

Feedback page after your Chinese lesson

         1) Keep access to all the instant messages from your teacher
2) Details of the lesson cost and length
3) Let us know how the sound quality of the lesson was
4) Please give a note to your teacher (this helps other students like you)
5) Edit at your leisure the notes you made during the lesson
6) Give feedback to your teacher, e.g. what you would like prepared for the next lesson
7) Book the next lesson if you want (you can also do it from “My Bookings”)
8) Write a note to yourself to remember your teacher (only you can see it)
9) Once done, save and close this feedback page (all information is optional)

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