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Chinese Learning Certificate for Michael certifies that Michael has learned Chinese with us since 02-Mar-2010 for a total of 240 hours and 37 minutes, including 0 minutes in the last 30 days.

Michael's latest Chinese lesson was 4658 days ago.

Michael has learned Chinese with Yifan, Profesora Can, Olive, Mr Yang, LuLu, Joy, Jessie, Iris, Inna, Hweeling, Helen, Cevi, Ben and Alice.

Below is some of the feedback given to Michael by our teachers:

" “我们两口子 就 吃了 没文化的亏,一辈子 吃苦受累 不说,还 净受气”。按照句子意思把长句子分割成小单位,根据情景适当调整语气,多多练习,定有提高。 "
From Jessie , on 23-Sep-2010
" 你的中文表达基本准确,但还需要进一步练习,只要多加练习,听力和口语在短时期内一定会有很大的提高,我会帮助你的,加油! "
From Mr Yang , on 14-Sep-2010
" 很高興今天和你藉由線上交談來了解你的學習目的,我覺得你的發音還不錯,詞彙的運用也還可以,但是希望你說話的時候不要太緊張,下次上課見. "
From LuLu , on 11-Apr-2010
" 注意几个发音"喜欢","找","对我来说","大老粗","旗子/妻子"。你在发语词时,音调还算准确,但是连接句子一起念时,就会走音,多练习,一定会有所改善的。谢谢你告诉我你以前的故事,让我对於所谓的"坏学生"有了不一样的看法。真的很高兴认识你! "
From Olive , on 31-Mar-2010
" 你的中文很不错,但是要注意发音,特别是声调。还有一点很重要学习一个新词不光要知道它的意思,还要知道该怎么用。最后,希望你的中文越来越好,上课不要太紧张,放松一点,就当是朋友在聊天。晚安 "
From Alice , on 02-Mar-2010