Our vision is simple: We provide great Chinese teachers, not technology or gimmicks.

Of course, technology helps us bring world-class, native Chinese teachers to students all over the world, 24 hours a day.

We are very proud of our teachers. Since 2007, we've assessed Chinese teachers, and only have met our strict standards to teach on our website.

We also believe that protecting the privacy of our students and teachers is essential for web-based learning environments. So we've built our own chat platform that doesn't rely on Skype or MSN, and we never show pictures of our teachers.

 Socially Responsible

We try our best, and we welcome any feedback on how we could do better.
Fairness. You will not see our teachers' pictures/videos, so that they are only judged on their teaching qualities. All our teachers are scored by students at the end of every lesson, providing a fair, open and transparent benchmark.
  People-friendly. Our platform allows physically challenged students to learn, and offers physically challenged Chinese teachers with equal financial rewards as the other teachers. 
  Environmentally-friendly. Our online platform helps people anywhere in the world learn (or teach) Mandarin Chinese without needing to drive and causing additional pollution.

 More About Us

  We won the Innovation Award of the CCIFT Chamber of Commerce on December 2010
  We are passionate about finding the most qualified Chinese teachers from all around the world
  We focus on developing the most convenient and effective platform for learning languages
  We hope to create an ideal complementary service to the conventional classroom teaching
  We are a member of the Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA)
  We partner with Universities and Language Schools via our One Step Online School initiative
  We partner with Publishers and Content Providers, like nciku and ChinesePod
 We don't like pushy sales people, so we do not recruit sales people to call individual students
 We don't like spam, so we let you opt-in or out yourself anytime you want in the 'My Profile' page 
  We are open to license our platform for other languages
  We are privately-owned & funded by a team whose dream is to help students learn with the best teachers

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