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 What will happen during the first class?

It’s always a little difficult to call strangers, even if they are qualified Chinese teachers. So, to help make the first lesson go as smoothly as possible, we’ve put together a standard list of questions that all our teachers will ask you the first time they talk to you to get to know a little more about you, your Chinese level, and your learning goals.

English version | Deutsch (German) | Español (Spanish) | Français (French)
日本語 (Japanese) | 한글 (Korean) | Svenska (Swedish) | Ελληνικά (Greek)

The questions are designed so that you can give as much or as little detail as you want depending on your Chinese level and how comfortable you feel. You can also feel free to ask the teacher some questions of your own.

 Are your lessons conducted over the phone or Skype?

No. All the live lessons are conducted directly from your browser after you click the 'call' button of the teacher you want to have a lesson with. You do not have to worry about downloading and installing any software.

It just works from your browser, like Gmail or Facebook, with the ability for you to create or upload your own Study Materials that you can share during the lesson with your teacher.

 After sign-up, do I have immediate access to all the teachers?

Yes. You will have immediate access to all our teachers and resources. You will always be able to start your lesson with just one click after you login, provided you have at least $1 USD in your account. If you buy a Pass, you can call the teachers covered by the Pass just after buying it.

 What methods of payment can I use?

You can pay with the following credits cards: Visa, MasterCard & American Express.

We selected Paypal to handle the payments for your safety (we have no access to your credit cards details) and because of its wide international coverage. You don’t need to have a PayPal account if you use one of the accepted credit cards.
We can also accept direct Paypal payments if you do have a Paypal account. 

You can check our step-by-step explanation on how you can buy credits (and easily decide how much you want to pay, each time).

 What is your Refund policy?

For extra peace of mind, we can refund any balance in full (bonuses excluded) for payments made within 45 days for a small $5 administration fee.

For our 50-Hour Packages, you can ask for a refund within 45 days. We will deduct the costs of the lessons you took using our pay-as-you-go model, deduct a $5 administration fee, and refund the difference.

Refund policy for products that are no longer available for purchase (for reference):
1) For our 90-day and 365-day Passes, you can cancel it within one month. We will simply calculate the costs of the lessons that were taken using our pay-as-you-go model and refund you the difference.
2) For our 30-day Pass, you can cancel it within 7 days. We will simply calculate the costs of the lessons that were taken using our pay-as-you-go model and refund you the difference.