Sharing major news and developments with you (Press page)

2013, January We are proud to now count 200 Chinese teachers.
2012, Xmas Newsletter #27 wishes you a great Xmas with your family and friends!
2012, Summer Newsletter #26 explains which pricing model is right for your study goals.
2012, Spring Newsletter #25 shares our views on studying with books... or other methods that could help you progress the way you need.
2012, Winter Newsletter #24 reminds you of our email receipts for claiming your Chinese lessons as expenses.
2012, New Year Newsletter #23 wishes you a very happy New Year and reveals another great offer.
2011, December Newsletter #22 wishes you a merry Xmas and reveals what Santa has to offer this year!
2011, November Newsletter #21 re-introduces our free study materials, and give a special star to our partner ChineseHacks.
2011, October Newsletter #20 introduces our improved text-chatting function during a lesson, and introduces our Teacher of the Month, Grace.
2011, September Newsletter #19 introduces our improved messaging function, perfect for sending a nice Happy Moon Festival message to your teacher, and introduces our Teacher of the Month, Susan.
2011, August Newsletter #18 gives some suggestions on how to get started with your very first Chinese lesson, and introduces our Teacher of the Month, Inna.
2011, July Newsletter #17 gives some suggestions on how to enjoy the summer holidays while learning Chinese, and introduces our Teacher of the Month, Hweeling.
2011, June Newsletter #16 reveals our new French information pages, and introduces our Teacher of the Month, Daphnée.
2011, May Newsletter #15 explains how you can write a testimonial about your teacher in a few minutes, and introduces our Teacher of the Month, Yifan.
2011, April Newsletter #14 introduces our first "Teacher of the Month" and invites you to nominate your favorite teacher, with one hour of free lesson if you nominated the next Teacher of the Month, LuLu.
2011, March Newsletter #13 introduces the new 50-hour Packages for even better pricing, and reminds that March is the last time to buy our amazing Unlimited Passes for unlimited lessons.
2011, February Newsletter #12 wishes you a great Chinese New Year, the year of the Rabbit, offers free credits, and announces our new partnership with ChineseHacks.
2011, January Newsletter #11 about great milestones: 200 Chinese teachers, our longest lesson ever (211 minutes!), plenty of free study materials, and Skritter.
2010, December Newsletter #10 sends our best season's greetings. We also share the great news about our first Innovation Award from the CCIFT Chamber of Commerce.
2010, November Newsletter #9 about our new demo video, and new functions to share your notes with your teacher, and update on our ChinesePod integration
2010, October Newsletter #8 talks about creating your very own learning certificate, being able to share any type and any size of documents with your teacher, and more.
2010, September Newsletter #7 talks about importing lessons from ChinesePod and, faster payment process, better messaging pages, and a testimonial from student Aaron after he renewed his "30-day Pass".
2010, August Newsletter #6 talks about sharing document with your teacher before your lesson, our new Tour page, our new 90-day Pass, and 500 days since our pilot.
2010, July Newsletter #5 talks about free polos, better voice quality during the lessons & reminds the Annual Pass special pricing ends August 1st.
2010, June Newsletter #4. We also completely revamped "My Lessons Notes" page to make it easier to review and edit previous lessons notes, as well as easily save them as Study Materials for the next lesson. 

 Our student Rebecca wrote an article about our partner ChinesePod and us.
2010, May We launch our Corporate offering, where small and large companies can register and allocate training budgets to their workforce for live 1-1 Chinese lessons. The complete setup from start to your employees starting their first Chinese lesson can be done in less than one hour.
2010, April Newsletter #3 announcing the launch of, how to get free study materials from nciku, and how to create your own study materials.
2010, March Our partner nciku adds 'First Timer' and 'Advanced' levels to the current series of Study Materials, now covering all levels to help our students learn Chinese from total beginner all the way to advanced level with our Chinese teachers.
2010, February Achieved a key milestone by receiving 1,000 applications of native Chinese teachers from all around the world. Such large number of applications and our strict assessments guarantee that you learn with the very best Chinese teachers.
2010, January Newsletter #2 wishes you Happy Chinese New Year!
We proudly announce a 
partnership with ChinesePod.
We launch our
Annual Pass for unlimited Chinese lessons at a fixed price.
2009, December Newsletter #1 announces our very special Xmas offer.
We proudly announce a
partnership with nciku    nciku's announcement
2009, November We have students from 88 nationalities, a very lucky number in Chinese.
2009, October  Listed as a leading language-learning website by the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies in their 100+ Language Learning Sites listing.
2009, September    The LaoWai blog reviews
2009, August Over 150 native Chinese teachers teaching.
2009, July We attend the 15th National Chinese Teachers' Conference in Australia, and hold an ICT workshop during the event. We meet with almost 200 Chinese teachers. Our initiative is very positively received, with the room packed with eager participants and not enough chairs for everyone.
2009, June Beta launch with 120 native Chinese teachers teaching. We are selected to present at the 6th International Conference on Internet Chinese Education (ICICE 2009).
2009, May Pilot extended to 80 native Chinese teachers.
2009, April Pilot launch with 50 native Chinese teachers selected to participate.
2008, Summer Start recruiting the best Chinese teachers around the world.
2007, Summer We have finalized our plan on what and how we will deliver great value to students wanting to learn Chinese. Start of the web site development.
Early 2007 We decide to make our dream a reality: help students regardless where they are in the world to easily find great Chinese teachers and learn Chinese on-the-go.

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