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You decide how much you credit your account, and these credits are deducted after each lesson.

Lesson cost is calculated per minute, with the first 2 minutes free, according to the teachers categories:

$12 per hour $18 per hour $24 per hour $18 per hour

Use this calculator to find out the lesson cost for different teachers categories and lesson lengths:

Category      Lesson Length Example  
The cost of the lesson will be $ per hour x ( minutes – 2 minutes free) / 60 minutes = $

    No monthly fees. No subscription fees. No hidden fees.
    Credits are valid for 365 days.
    All our lessons are 1-on-1. All prices in US Dollars. Payment by Credit Card (or PayPal).

Refund Policy: We can refund any balance in full within 45 days of purchase for a small $5 administration fee.


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