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native Chinese teachers applied. Only were selected for this rewarding teaching experience. Take the challenge today!

 Happy Students


 Focused on You and Your Learning Goals

 All our Chinese lessons are live 1-on-1 private lessons, 100% focused on your learning needs
 Always adapted to your level, from total beginner to advanced
 Focused on improving your listening and speaking skills
 You decide when and how long you want your Chinese lessons to be
 Help with everyday and business situations, or any topic you want
 Choice of learning in simplified or traditional characters: most of our teachers can teach with both

  Excellent Native Teachers, Great Study Materials 

 Native Chinese teachers based in many timezones all around the world (in 5 continents)
 Strictest selection process: Chinese teachers applied and only passed our strict criteria
 4 teacher categories so you can find the best teacher for your learning goals, at the right price
 Fluent in at least one other foreign language
 Customized follow-up materials prepared especially for you by your teacher after the lessons
 Premium Study Materials with our partners ChinesePod and nciku

 Your Chinese Learning Certificate

 Demonstrate your progress to your family and friends, as well as current (and future) employer 
 All certificates show how many hours you had lessons, a key metric for learning progress
 You decide which feedback from your teachers you want to show on the certificate
 You can link to your LinkedIn, Facebook or blog to prove this is really you
 See real examples from some of our students Guillaume, Michael, Nicolas and Simon

 24/7 Real Flexibility to Learn Chinese on Your Terms

 Book lessons in advance or start a lesson with any available teachers when you login 
 100% web-based: no software to download or install, no Skype/MSN needed
 You always keep track of your progress, your notes and your materials
 You can change teachers anytime, we actually encourage you to try different teachers

 Full Control Of Your Budget

 No monthly fees. No subscription fees. No hidden fees. From $10 / hour
 Choose between pay-as-you-go or the 50-Hour packages

 Pay-as-you-go: you only pay for the time in the lesson, not one minute more
 50-Hour Packages valid for one year

 Compare Us

Other websites provide teachers for many different foreign languages. We just focus on Chinese. We know that beginning students of Chinese cannot easily know what makes a good Chinese teacher. That's why we screen them for you. We also know firsthand that learning Chinese requires special tools for our students and teachers (typing pinyin with tone marks, converting characters to traditional or simplified, etc.). We provide all those tools for our teachers to help them teach better.

We've prepared the table below to compare only websites that specialize in teaching Chinese. We've found the specialist websites usually have better teachers than generalist websites we have not listed here.

Live 1-1
Chinese lessons sites





Free “trial” time every lesson
(e.g. free for first two minutes )

Minimum cost to start

$ 1

$ 358

$ 144

$ 684

$ 23/month

No need to book lessons
(i.e. you can start right away if there is a teacher available)

No lesson cancellation fee (e.g. even 10 minutes before)

Teachers online anytime
(i.e. in your timezone)

Personalized lesson each time
(i.e. you decide what you learn)

Platform designed for learning
(i.e. not Skype, MSN or others)





No download of software
(i.e. no installation and setup)


PC software



No minimum lesson charge
(i.e. only pay for lesson length)

Choose your teacher(s)
(i.e. every single time)

Flexible lesson length
(from a few minutes to hours)

1 hour

50 min

50 min

30 min

No commitment
(e.g. pay-as-you-go model)

25 hours minimum

10 hours minimum

48 hours minimum

5 hours minimum

60-minute Hourly Price
(before discounts/bonus)

From $ 12

From $ 15

From $ 14.4

From $ 17

$ 25+fees

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