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Home > Resources Created by Our Teachers to Learn Chinese
Our teachers are always trying to find new ways to help students learn Chinese at their own pace and level. We share below some selected blog posts that our teachers wrote on

We hope this will help you. If you are looking for books to buy, you could check which books our teachers are using.

First Timer level

Beginner level

Intermediate level

Let's World Cup! (II) by Christina (with Audio)
一起看世界杯吧!Let's World Cup! by Christina (with Audio)
暑假去那兒?暑假去那儿? by Iris (with Audio)
中國人的敬酒文化 / 中国人的敬酒文化 / Toasting culture by Sharon
Family dialogue by Chao
好的开始是成功的一半 / 好的開始是成功的一半 by Dan
商務對話-談手機 (1) by Daphné (with Audio)
清明节 / 清明節 / ChingMing Festival by Hweeling
包水餃/包水饺/Let's Wrap Dumplings by Daphné
中国新年的吉祥话 / 中國新年的吉祥話 / CNY good wishes by Sophie
电话联系 (diànhuà liánxì) by Hweeling
谈谈iPad / 談談iPad by Lily
圣诞快乐 / 聖誕快樂 Merry Christmas! by Sheila
小阅读1-关于软件购买 / 小閱讀1-關於軟件購買 by Cevi
商务口语练习 / 商務口語練習 / Business sentences by Joy
HSK常考介词的分类 / HSK常考介詞的分類 / Prepositions by Profesora Can
商业活动邀请/商業活動邀請 Business event invitation by Hweeling
中国的中学教室 / 中國的中學教室 by Dan
“才”和“就”的使用("cái" hé "jiù" de shǐyòng) by Moon
亞洲食物(亚洲的饮食) Asian food by Belinda
小孩学汉字 (小孩學漢字) Kids learn to write by Juven
汉字的秘密(漢字的秘密)The secret by Jill
Food and Measure Words by Shu Ting (with Audio)
能 néng , 才 cái , 待 dāi by Sheila
Dialog Practice: Celebrating a new deal by Sheila

Advanced level