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Chinese Food, by Chih-Chien

生詞表 Vocabulary 

1)中国菜/中國菜 Zhōngguó cài = Chinese Food
2)有机/有機 yǒujī = Organic
3)味道 wèidào = Taste, flavor
4) 香 xiāng = Nice smell

例句 Sample Sentences

Note: First sentence is in Simplified Chinese, and second sentence in Traditional Chinese.

例句1 / Sentence 1
  • 你喜欢吃中国菜吗?
  • 你喜歡吃中國菜嗎?
  • nǐ xǐhuān chī Zhōngguó cài ma?
  • Do you like to eat Chinese food?
例句2 / Sentence 2
  • 有机的鸡肉和一般的有什么不同?
  • 有機的雞肉和一般的有什麼不同?
  • yǒujī de jī ròu hé yībān de yǒu shénme bùtóng?
  • What is the difference between organic chicken and normal ones?
例句3 / Sentence 3
  • 你觉得这道菜的味道如何?
  • 你覺得這道菜的味道如何?
  • nǐ juédé zhè dào cài de wèidào rúhé?
  • How do you feel about the taste of this dish?
例句4 / Sentence 4
  • 你认为"臭豆腐"香不香?
  • 你認為"臭豆腐"香不香?
  • nǐ rènwéi "chòu dòufu" xiāng bù xiāng?
  • Do you think 'Stinky Tofu' has a nice smell or not?

特殊文法說明 Grammar Points

To ask a closed questions for a 'definite' answer, place "不 bù" in between the "repeated" "positive" answer option. For example:

香不香 = Nice smell or not nice smell?
好不好 = Good or not good? (also means "ok or not")
要不要 = Want it or not?
对不对 / 對不對 = Correct or not?

其他相關的資料連結 Links to other related information

Here are some more questions for you to play with. Try to think how you could vary the sample questions, how you would answer those type of questions. Also, below is link that will give you a quick introduction to "Stinky Tofu" - a very popular snack food in Greater China!

Till next time!