Our Corporate Training Solutions are suitable to both small and big companies, even for a single employee. You can register your company below. The complete setup takes less than 15 minutes.

 Training Solutions Tailored to Corporate Customers

 Your Company's Burning Needs

 Expand your business in Greater China
 Equip your workforce with language skills to deal with business challenges in Greater China
 Adapt your training investment to your employees' individual needs
 Track both your employees' language-learning progress and your return on training investments
 Ensure you are providing your team the best training solution available today

 We Deliver

  Flexible 1-on-1 language training for your employees, that fits their schedule
  Customized Chinese lessons to give your workforce the specific Chinese skills they need
  Relevant business and cultural insights from our teachers in the Professionals category
  Tangible returns on training investments that you can track and demonstrate easily
  Self-serve administration with full control on who has access to your training budget

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