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Amanda (28)

Has been teaching on since 08-Jun-2010
My Introduction
大家好 歡迎一起學中文 Nice to meet you online and let's learn Chinese together!
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More Information about me
I live in India (Kolkata timezone)
I can teach in Chinese, English
I speak English (Advanced), French (Beginner)
My teaching experience: More than 5 years
I have the following book(s): Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Vol. 1,2, Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Vol.3.4
I worked in the following industry: Finance/Banking, Trading Business, Manufacturing, Education
I have job experience in: Marketing/Advertising, Sales/Business Development, HR/Operation, Teacher/Academic,  Public relations
I am interested in: Travel, Film/Books, Art and Music,  Yoga
Feedback from my student
" Miss Chang is a very competent and demanding teacher, also adaptable. She links modern spoken Chinese to etymology, how the words were formed "
From Eric, on 25-May-2010
Amanda, 28, in India Reviewed by 2 students on . Amanda, 28, in India, teaches in Chinese, English 大家好 歡迎一起學中文 Nice to meet you online and let's learn Chinese together! Rating: 4.0