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Cindy (48)

Has been teaching on since 07-Jun-2010
My Introduction
你好! 欢迎你来到我们的中文课堂!我愿意帮助你学好中文。
More Information about me
I live in USA (Eastern Time, New York timezone)
I can teach in Chinese, English
I speak English (Advanced)
My availabilities: I'm normally available Monday to Friday from 3pm to 5 pm American Eastern Time.
My teaching experience: More than 5 years
I have the following book(s): (New)Hanyu Jiaocheng, Chinese Course 3, (New) Practical Chinese Reader vol. 5,6 Textbook
My additional certificate(s): Teacher's Certificate
I worked in the following industry: Education
I have job experience in: Teacher/Academic
I am interested in: Outdoor Sport, Art and Music
Feedback from my students
" 程老师是一位非常有经验的老师,使我在轻松自由中就掌握了复杂的内容,我真的学到了很多知识。 "
From Li Li, on 27-May-2010
" 程老师的确是一位合格的好老师,她非常有责任心,而且有耐心。我非常喜欢她的教学方法 ---生动、活泼、有趣,使我受益匪浅。我敬重她,感谢她。 "
From Chu Xiao, on 27-May-2010
" 程老师曾是我的中文教师,她独特有道的教学方法使我的学习轻松、有趣、更有效!我 的四声音调说不好,程老师总是耐心的,而且非常有方法的来指导我。现在我的朋友们都夸我,说我现在的发音很纯正了,这些我都要感谢程 老师了。 "
From Rose, on 27-May-2010
Cindy, 48, in USA Reviewed by 0 students on . Cindy, 48, in USA, teaches in Chinese, English 你好! 欢迎你来到我们的中文课堂!我愿意帮助你学好中文。 Rating: 0.0