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Kathy (27)

Has been teaching on since 01-Jun-2010
Has been recommended by 1 student
I live in China (China timezone)
I can teach in Chinese, English
I speak English (Advanced)
My teaching experience: 1 - 3 years
My additional certificate(s): Teaching Chinese as a secondary language
I worked in the following industry: Trading Business, Tourism and Hospitality, Education
I have job experience in: Teacher/Academic
I am interested in: Outdoor Sport, Socialising, Travel, Film/Books, Art and Music, Food and Wine
Feedback from my students
" Liu Mingxia is my chinese teacher. She is patient and helpful in ways of helping me with my intonation and pronunciation "
From Ann, on 06-May-2010
" I was a VSO volunteer working in China for 3 years, and required help learning Chinese. Liu Mingxia was excellent! "
From Halima, on 03-May-2010
" The particular skill that Liu Mingxia showed was an ability to very quickly detect weaknesses in my mandarin and to work out how to practise those weaknesses in general conversation to improve them. I found she had a good conversational analytical ability and she helped me to progress from simple Mandarin to more complex conversation smoothly and relatively painlessly! "
From Judy, on 02-May-2010
Kathy, 27, in China Reviewed by 3 students on . Kathy, 27, in China, recommended by 1 student, teaches in Chinese, English Rating: 5.0